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From the video description: “For all of those who’ve requested a frontal view, here it is. Many of you have asked me where the cum is from or what it is: well…. when I had the urethral lengthening surgery, I also had the vagina removed. The surgeon used the anterior aspect of the vagina to create the first part of the urethra, by rolling it into a tube. Therefore, there’s some vaginal tissue remaining at the junction of the neo-urethra. Because of this, when I get excited or orgasm, that old tissue still creates lubrication. After I’m done cumming, I can “milk” this “cum” out of my dick, through the urethra by pressing up at the junction of the neo-urethra and following it up to the tip. It’s always fun to see how much there is. Don’t forget to comment. :)”

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thank you to everyone who donated to our gofundme and made this re-release possible! the old fisting 101 video has over 40,000 views and we are excited to bring this new version back to the internet! xo


In this video Jessica and I get caught in the middle of one of our favourite activities, fisting! We answer all of the hot burning questions people have about fisting safety, how to and basics. Then we show you it all goes down in a sexy and informative demonstration.

a thorough but lacking in queer language “anal/vaginal” fisting resource can be found here (put your own critical queer analysis on it!) 

Dean Spade: about purportedly gendered body parts

Contact us at majesstica69(at)gmail(dot)com

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