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guy has love affair with an action figure

this is totally explicitly NSFW, but also stupid and hilarious


Two friends tied together, with hitachi vibes tied, forcing them to cum again… and again… and again…

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trans guy sucks trans girl

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trans guy rides trans girl

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I’ve come across some pretty hot vids featuring non-penetrative sex, but this vid has shot to number 1 on my list! Words cannot explain the sheer passion and joy that this brutha is having while going in on his partner. I just can’t! *throws hands up due to utter elation and arousal*

Definitely Wank Wrothy! (so get to fapping on this!)

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My Master says this is the only way he will allow me to masturbate

I’m not even allowed that.

Fuck this is hot. He must have been edging for a long long time to get this close to cumming, imagine the frustration and self control.

That is impressive, I’m not going to lie.

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